Reality ... Bites?

I try to keep my reality television-watching to a minimum.

First, I watch "The Amazing Race." It is awesome, and I want to be on it, for real.

Second, I have sworn off MTV. They have like 600 reality shows running on a loop over there. Also, sadly, I am too old for "The Real World" anymore. Those kids that are on it? Are the age of the freshman I taught in my first year. So it's a little creepy for me, not to mention: how many drunken hook-ups can I watch? (Answer: puke)

I've been really good about this resolution this summer, and given the amount of television I HAVE watched, that's really saying something.

So as I'm watching the morning news and getting ready for school, I hear a commercial for a new reality show called "My Kind of Town" on ABC. I began to give the Disgust Huff, and then I heard the three magic words ...


I am so watching that show.

On a side note, I was driving to my hometown; they have a new water tower (every little thing is a major event). Written on the side? "My Kind of Town"

It's a sign. God wants me to watch that show.

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