I Think I'm Related to Lot's Wife

Sometimes I feel like I was made with too much salt. Because honestly, it is very hard for me to speak kindly and sound sincere.

I have spoken about this particular phenomenon in my communications classes, where it actually applies to the lesson. Most of the time my sarcasm is directed to my own self, because there is a lot of material to work with there.

However ... MAN! There are times when someone says something to me and I have the PERFECT COMEBACK but I can't use it because I'm the TEACHER and I am an AUTHORITY FIGURE and that would be WRONG.

Being a role model really stinks sometimes.

Anyway, I bring this up because I had a student in class today who hasn't been to school for the first few days. I had him in a class last year and we mostly got along but there were times ... well, just, there were times. But with a new year comes new attitudes and fresh starts--that's my philosophy--so when I was talking to him and immediately wanted to mention the fact that he had to go to alternative school last year and I saw him wearing an orange vest picking up trash on the side of the road this summer, I knew that this attitude was going to be especially hard to change.

I tried, I really did. During class, when he wanted to mess around, I said, "You know what? You're doing a really great job right now; why don't you keep that up?" and he immediately got back to work. I gave him his makeup work and didn't ask why he had missed the first few days even though I suspect it had something to do with a disciplinary hearing. I was very matter of fact and tried not to bring up the past at all. I was so mature I almost didn't recognize myself.

When class ended, I said, "Bye, [Random Student]! I'm glad you're here! I look forward to seeing you next time!" And I actually meant it.

So of course I sounded like a big ol' phony. See? Too much salt.

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