Far from the Madding Crowd: I Started It

I finished eight chapters. Maybe that sounds like a lot to you? The book has FIFTY-NINE CHAPTERS. I have not finished one EIGHTH of this book!

I can tell you why, too. It's because Hardy describes EVERYthing with like, seven hundred and forty-seven words. Like he used a thesaurus and the Encyclopedia of Idiomatic Language. It is tough to get past that. To the point that I have been forcing myself to read the book. It is not usually hard for me to read, but man! Do you know what I have been doing? Programming my coffee-pot. Staring at my fingernails. Searching ringtones for my phone. Clearing my caller ID. GOING TO THE SCHOOL.

In fairness, I like the part of the story that I have read so far. Maybe it will be better tomorrow. Maybe I should take the Strattera.

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