Dress Stress

A friend of mine is getting married in July, and I get to be the maid of honor.  I wanted to be the officiant, but apparently Presbyterian churches in Canada don't really like people who've been ordained on the internet to preside over weddings, or something.  Fun-killers.

My friend (D) said she doesn't really care what I wear.  As a matter of fact, D doesn't really care about this wedding; her fiance is the one who's all gung-ho about it, and insisting on the big church wedding with all the fixin's, which is the opposite of what usually happens.  Anyway, the fiance's daughters were freaked out that D hadn't picked her colors yet ("Blush and bashful," I told her.  "BLUUUUUUSH.  and BAAAAAASHFUL."), so D made a quick decision which was that we should each wear a black dress, and she doesn't want to be involved further than that.

You'd think that finding a black dress that one could wear in an afternoon wedding would be fairly simple.  You would be wrong.

I hate shopping, and right now, I'm not really sure what size I am, and I keep heading over the the plus-sized racks, even though I don't need to anymore.  I was talking to D about this yesterday, about how I still see myself as the Fat Girl, and so I have a hard time finding something I like enough to try on; then, when I try something one, I'm super-critical about the fit and how it looks on me.  D got kind of frustrated with me last Saturday, when I said (for the eighth time), that I didn't like where a sash was hitting on me because it made my waist look too bulky.

BDD, I have it.

Since we traipsed all over Metropolis Saturday and still didn't find a dress, I came home to do some internet shopping.  First I bought this shirt. IT WAS NECESSARY.

Then I bought this dress.  It's probably made in a sweatshop, but I was so tired I couldn't muster up more than a kernel of outrage.  And you know how brides always say, "Oh, but you can wear it again!?"  I don't.  But I could see myself wearing this one on more than one occasion. 

Provided, of course, that it fits.

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