I'm Interrupting the 30 Days*

... to tell you that I am in the midst of buying a house.  I signed a contract and everything.

Inspection's tomorrow; barring structural damage, termites, or a previously undiscovered Indian burial ground, I should be moved in by Christmas. 

I think I am most looking forward to not having to defrost my windows on cold mornings.

*I don't like Day 10, anyway, so it's just as well.


Marsha said...

Congratulations! I hope the inspection goes well. Or, if it goes badly, it's in the "wow, I really dodged a bullet on that one" category of awfulness.

Mei said...

Thanks, Marsha! Everything looked good; the inspector had a very short list, only six or seven minor items. The next thing is finalizing the loan application, and I'm doing that tomorrow. Fingers croseed!

Mei said...



J said...

congratulations--how exciting!


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