Davy Five: Something You Hope to Do in Your Life

^ HAHA, Davy.  I'm keepin' it.

My imagination's on the fritz, so I'm having a hard time answering this one.

I guess maybe I'm drawing a blank because I see no reason why I shouldn't be able to complete my Bucket List.  That could just be a commentary on the lameness practicality of my B.L., though, because I don't have any dreams of making out with a celebrity or visiting the moon, or whatever.

Oh!  I've got it:  I'd like to be in a musical.  There.

I'm lucky in that I've been able to perform in some great plays in the past few years--leads in all of them, I might add--but I love musicals, and I could probably be in one ... provided there was minimal dancing involved.  Like if I were in a musical about an invalid, that would work pretty well. 

Probably wouldn't be much fun to watch though.

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