Hey, Nerds

I love this picture even though it's clearly a non-ironic MySpace pose.
My half-assed Halloween costume, oh, thanks.
Also, I would like to remind everybody that I am 35 years old,
so that you can all feel bad about your liver spots.

I know it's super-uncool to take arms-length pictures of oneself, but I am a single lady with disagreeable, selfish cats who can't--or WON'T--learn to operate my camera. 

I tried the timer, but then I wound up with this:

white on white on white

I wore this shirt to school Friday and was treated to several interruptions during my lessons, which started and ended like this:  "Ohhhhh, now I get it!"    Some people are sooo SMRT.

I'll be updating every day this month, because I'm doing this

I do enjoy telling the truth, like the time I told this one person that if she directed a play nobody would audition for it, and the time I told somebody that nobody cared what he thought so why didn't he just keep it to himself for once.

Lest you think I'm celebrating Halloween with an extra dose of witchiness, kindly recall that I am just as mean about my own self, and I certainly don't see that changing any time soon. 

I look forward to spilling my guts this month.  I hope the toxicity isn't contagious.


J said...

yay, i look forward to reading lots of your great writing!
also, i am a little dumb. what is your costume?

Mei said...

Ha! It's a t-shirt that looks like mummy wrappings.


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