The Shakes

Oh, hey, guess what I did this week:

1). I turned 35.

Yeah, I can't believe it either.

2). I started house-hunting in earnest.

Since I pretty much stalk realtor.com and Zillow, I was well aware of what was out there: NOT MUCH.

Yesterday I looked at four houses. Today I went back to two of them. Tomorrow I am making an offer.

3). Immediately before and after making this decision, I freaked right the crap out.

I do tend to make decisions quickly and without much thought [evidence: my work history], but this is the biggest--and most costly--decision I've made.

I ... I ... is anyone else having trouble breathing???


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to you! Was your offer on the house accepted?

Mei said...

Thanks, Marsha!
By the time I got to the office, the owner was already working on another contract :(
Maybe next time.


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