Pop Quiz:

Today I was

a. told that the assignments I give my students are unrelated to my class .
b. accused of promoting the school board's "liberal agenda."
c. threatened with exposure via [a global media and entertainment company].
d. all of the above.

Today I

a. explained a class assignment to a parent and was told, "Well, that's not what s/he told me."
b. was told by said parent that he had told his child NOT to complete the assignment.
c. was told by said parent that his child would not, in fact, be receiving any punitive consequences for an incomplete assignment.
d. all of the above.

Today I

a. cried for the second time in two days in an assistant principal's office.
b. envisioned myself in an easier, more rewarding, job, such as lion tamer, or shark bait.
c. cursed until I ran out of words.
d. all of the above.


a. two different assistant principals supported me, my class, my assignments, and my integrity when dealing with delusional parents and their child who tells lies
b. I presided over a mock trial which exercises the following skills that are important in public speaking: critical thinking, improvisation, deductive reasoning, debate technique, research and rehearsal, propaganda recognition, persuasive speaking, informative speaking, and effective listening.
c. I did NOT punch anyone, and was both surprised at and proud of this fact.
d. all of the above.


Jennifer said...

I'm guessing "d" for all. What is wrong with people?

Peach Pod said...
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