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This year I am trying to move beyond plain stockinette socks into more challenging knitting.

I began here:

Well, it doesn't look like much, does it? But after a warm soak and some careful blocking, it became this:

And by "this," I definitely mean "something awesome that I won't stop staring at."

Here's the best I could get at the color (at night under a dull bulb):

Pattern: Argus Shawlette, by Wendy Johnson
Yarn: Wendy Happy (another Asheville skein)
Colorway: Aquarius
Needles: US 5

It took about two weeks to complete; probably a faster or more experienced lace knitter could finish within a week. I had no problems reading the pattern, and I can only see one mistake in the finished product, though, like the Amish, I did that on purpose to remind myself that no one is perfect ... probably.

Like Wendy, I will also end with a cat picture:

Walter, not helping at all

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