Best Day EVER

Friday morning I got to my classroom and the door was already unlocked. I walked inside and there was a woman at my desk.

"Ummm ...," I said, because I am very articulate a) when I'm confused, and b) in the morning.

I'd requested a sub for the second half of the day, but instead I got one for the whole day. And when the assistant principal came down to explain the mix-up, she said, "Well, why don't you just go on and leave now?"

She'd hardly finished the question before there was a me-shaped hole in the wall and a wind tunnel of worksheets spiraling down the hallway, eating my dust.

On the drive home, I though of all the different things I'd be able to do with my time: grocery shopping, taking the mail to the post office, knitting, watching television, paying bills, taking out the garbage. It was the To-Do List of all to-do lists, and I had a big chunk of time to spend in checking off chores.

I decided that the best use of my time lay in taking a great big nap. When in doubt, go to sleep, I say. I can worry about those other things tomorrow. Or the next day.

It was a wonderful way to spend the day. For once I awakened with a smile on my face. It makes me long for summer, when I will be able to do that for exactly one week, before I have to start going to professional development workshops and in-services and graduate classes and stuff.


J said...

ahhh, that's my favorite kind of day! the unexpectedness surely made it all the better.

of course, i have plenty of these days myself now...decent perk of unemployment. :)

Mei said...

Yeah, the surprise was the best part!

Oh, if only I were independently wealthy ...


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