Time Machine

Sometimes I forget just how much Christian music has improved.

Exhibit A: Sonseed's "Jesus Is My Friend."

I'd never heard of this group or this song. Fortunately, some website pointed me toward it a couple of months ago, and I am totally addicted.

Make sure you take note of these things:

1. The ladies' dresses. Those chiffon elastic-waisted things were a staple in the 1980s church pews. I was too young, of course, but I would bet one million dollars that my mother had something similar in her closet.

2. That guitarist is totally rocking out. He needs to watch out for the syncopation, or the devil's gonna get him.

3. I had those glasses in the 8th grade. They even had tinted lenses: gray at the top and rose on the bottom. That's how cool I was.

4. This guy's unfortunate placement makes him look like he's in a line-up of the usual suspects.

5. This guy is NOT HAVING IT. Rock music is bad, you guys!

6. (1:44) This is, to say the least, a questionable lyric. Every time I hear it, I do the involuntary side-eye.

7. (1:55) ZAP!


Angela said...

The video doesn't seem to be clickable, at least not for me.

I was remarking on this same improvement last night with a friend, except we were talking about childrens' Christian music. It used to consist of simple little ditties that we remember to this day ("Only a Boy Named David") and now the songs sound like they belong on a Top 40 station.

Quite an evolution in such a short period of time.

Farrel said...

Question for Mei: "Would Jesus continue to be his friend after hearing that song?" Thank God for Grace! :)

Shannon said...

SURELY this was on a children's album and not something for adults. And the way the lead singer's lips move when he sings reminds me of Shirley Temple for some reason.


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