Now that rehearsals for the Christmas play have started, I've been spending a lot more time at school. During this past week, I had three 14 hour days. Yup. FOURTEEN.

So I took yesterday off. It was great!

Today the drama club had a garage sale and made $250. I'm glad we made so much money--especially since all of our sale items were donations--but I'm disappointed with the lack of participation, not only for this, but for all of our fund-raisers so far this year.

Thursday's play rehearsal was the one I'd designated as OFF BOOK FOR ACT I. In the past, this meant that nobody had anything memorized until one hour before the actual performance of the play. However, this group of actors had almost all of their lines down! Of course, there were some cuts and jumps and character breaks, but for the most part, Act I was almost performance-ready. This is very unusual: I ask for something and people actually do it? What's going on here?

I got my hair cut this afternoon and the guy who did the cut a) has a degree in English, b) is cousins with a girl from my high school graduating class, c) gave me suggestions for audition monologues for one of my students who wants to go to Governor's School next summer, and d) cut my hair and waxed my eyebrows in less than twenty minutes. BEST STYLIST EVER! Also, he called me Kitten and told me I was "back to glamorous." I totally overtipped him.

At Wal-Mart, I bought three boxes of cereal, but forgot to buy milk. Typical. On the plus side, I did remember to buy toilet paper.


Shannon said...

Did he ask you out for a date? It sounded to me like you were interested. Just think....he has a degree in ENGLISH! He'd fit right into our family and could find grammatical errors in any newspaper and store signs all around us!!

Mei said...

Um. Well. How do I say this?

I'm not really his type.


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