This Is Why I Take My Lunch to School

You've probably heard terrifying tales of school lunches.

Heck, you went to school, you know what they're like: some "meat" of unknown origin, masquerading as a hamburger, squashed into stale buns that soak up all the grease of the patty and then fall apart in your hands. Tasteless ... textureless ... meatless. No amount of mustard or ketchup can make it palatable, no amount of arguing can convince you it's FOOD. Served with a side of fries of various consistencies, from soggy and watery to crispy and toxic--to think that innocent potatoes gave up their lives for this! What a waste.

I'm here to bear witness that school lunches have not improved since you graduated. The kids grumble about the lack of options, but they still lay down the money every day. It's easier than making their own, I guess.

I take my lunch to school, but it's not because the food ... er, "food" is so bad.

No, I take my lunch because last year, somebody dipped a ladle into a pot of chili on Taco Salad day and pulled up a dead bird.

The End


Shannon said...

Is that something you actually SAW or what one of your kids told you? Regardless, that's gross.

Mei said...

One of the teachers told me. She brings her lunch now too.


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