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I finished these socks last night.

They look like they should have been complicated to make, but the truth is that I watched just as much television as I would have with a regular non-patterned sock; no, really, they were super-easy!

Pattern: Leyburn Socks
Yarn: Socks That Rock Lightweight
Colorway: Blarney Stone
Needles: US 2

This is the first time I've knit with Socks That Rock, and I have to say, I LOVE it! It doesn't split and the color is fantastic (as you can see).

I picked this particular colorway because of its name. I've kissed the Blarney Stone, did you know that?

I didn't wear these to school today; I saved 'em for tomorrow. There's this girl in one of my classes who interrupted me last week to say, "Ms. Flower, you always wear the coolest socks!" and I wanted her to see them.

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