Things I've Learned This Week

1. No matter how awesome it sounds, bar shampoo is not good for my hair. My hair got darker and heavier, neither of which is appreciated in the summer.

2. I will be teaching five different classes this fall. Five.

3. When you use your own bags at Kroger, you get three cents off your bill, per bag. It doesn't mean much for me (three knit bags), but for those who take their own used plastic bags, the savings will probably add up.

4. Scallion is another word for onion. Not just any onion, but the kind that grows wild in the yard, the kind that, when you mow the lawn, gives you headache.

5. Sometimes the city gets my address mixed up with my neighbor's, and they cut off my water, even though I've paid my bill.

6. Soy bacon is NOT GOOD. Also, it is NOT BACON.

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Amy said...

You make me giggle...great post!


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