Testing ... One, Two, WHEEEEE

Today was the BEST DAY EVER.

As an English teacher, I couldn't proctor any Big Scary Tests because both the freshmen and the sophomores were taking their English tests today. Not only that, but usually the teachers who aren't testing have to monitor the rest of the student body in the gym (students can't go to classes because either their teachers are proctoring or their classrooms are being used for testing), but nobody put my name on that list! So I had two free hours of NOTHING.

I say "nothing," but I actually did do some work. I entered all my grades for all my classes. It took a whole hour, and I hated it the entire time. But now I won't have to do it during exam week, which means I can kick back and read a book for three afternoons in a row use that time to reflect on my teaching.

I asked my English class (in the ten minutes we had together) how they thought they did on the test.

"It was so easy, Ms. Flower," they said. "Wait, so when a sentence has words that all start with s, that's personification, right?"

"No," I said. "It's alliteration."

"Oh." [shuffle feet awkwardly] "I totally put that."

Uh huh.

I had my third period class for its full period, and I made them take notes the entire time. That was great. I love it when they complain that I'm the only teacher that makes them work.

"Your final exam is over these notes, whether we actually talk about it in class or not," I tell them, "so we can either go over it now, or you can take the exam blind. Your choice." It's probably wrong, the amount of joy I get out of being mean.

THEN--and this is the best part--we had to go to homeroom so the seniors could clean out their lockers and the underclassmen could vote for class officers, and what that meant was I ONLY HAD MY FOURTH PERIOD CLASS FOR THIRTY MINUTES!!!!! Just enough time to make them do a crapload of work, HAHAHAHAHAHA. Er ... I mean ... to give them an opportunity to expand their educational horizons.

Tomorrow's the last day of testing, and then there's one week until exams, four half days of exams, two days of in-service, and TWO MONTHS OFF!


Joon said...

(Singing) And a partridge in a pear tree!

I am still making my kids work too. If I didn't, then they'd all be loud and I just can't handle that. Next week will be our last week of real work. At least we can kill time by going outside for recess! Tomorrow is Field Day. Only nine and a half days left...with kids.

Mei said...

I will kill time with PeeWee's Big Adventure. Know why? Because it's an ODYSSEY, just like the one Homer wrote.

J said...

hee, sweet! yay for working those kids every second you can, just because. :D

Mei said...

The more they complain, the more work they get. That's mean!


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