As the sponsor of one of the most tragically under-funded programs in the entire district, I have to try to pick up money where I can. Today during lunch, another teacher was talking about all the chores she'll have to do before she can leave for the year, and I had a light bulb moment.

Here is the email I sent to the school today, and I've already had several people tell me they will gladly shell out the moolah that will (fingers crossed) help us to get some curtains for our stage.


Does the thought of filing one more folder make you feel violent?
Does looking at a roll of masking tape make you want to run away to Tahiti?
Do you have nightmares in which your carefully packed supplies somehow free themselves from their boxes?


Instead of running around frantically trying to clean your room AND complete your end-of-the-year checklist, let the Drama Society do all your grunt work while you kick back with a margarita concentrate on important things like vacation plans grade verification sheets.

Sadly, man cannot live by Shakespeare alone, and the theater program at [Randomville]High School finds itself in need of some cold hard cash. The good news for you: members of the Drama Society will gladly complete whatever task you set for them, AS LONG AS YOU PAY THEM. Even better news: they're already used to doing the grossest, lamest, most humiliating jobs you could think of, because I make them do that stuff all year for free because they're ready to work! No job is too big, too small, or too disgusting for the Drama Society: they're not proud … it's just that making money off their teachers is a little less desperate than standing on a sidewalk with a tin cup.

Please let me know what you want done so I can schedule DS members to work for you. And--just to put your minds at ease--these kids are the cream of the crop; they won't take your money and run. They'll actually DO the work you pay them for, and they'll do it well.

Thanks for your support!

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