This Annoys Me

I admit that little things tend to get on my nerves. Things like cat hair on my socks, being told that Diet Coke rots my insides, and when the cap on my pen isn't perfectly aligned with the writing on the shaft.

However, there is one thing that annoys me above all others, and it is this phrase: Ah, well, such is life.

I read or heard this recently, and I promise you I almost had An Unhappy Incident.

I saw red. I FELT red.
I gritted my teeth. I ground my teeth. I tapped my teeth with my fingernail.
I pulled my ear (though not, thankfully, the earring). I pulled my hair.

Now. On a daily basis, I see papers with the following:

"On Thanksgiving I ate alot of turkey."
"Mrs. Flower is my favorite teacher."
"The boys didn't do there homework."
"Is that you're paper?"
Etc., etc., etc.

And yet, they do not get on my nerves HALF as much as "such is life." (UGH)

Maybe it's because the phrase is often accompanied by a heartfelt sigh (faked, probably). Or because it's a cop-out, like, "Well, I can't help what the universe does to me." Or maybe it's because I used to know a person who was annoying to me who said it ALL THE TIME, and I have tied the two together in an Annoyathon Event.

At any rate, this is fair warning to you, that if you ever ever EVER say the words, "...such is life," to me, WE ARE THROUGH.


arianna said...

Hmm...do you have problems with other versions of the same phrase? "Shit happens" or "c'est la vie", stuff like that? Or is it just that phrase, because of its connection to Annoying Person?

arianna said...

Also, I am terribly sorry about my rogue quotation mark placement in the previous post. I am usually so strict about grammar, but I have never been able to understand why commas need to go inside quotes. I know that the rules say they do, but logically, I just can't accept it. In any case, I apologize that I might have offended your English teacher sensibilities; I understand how frustrating poor grammar can be (as unbelievable as that may sound!). I've been meaning to post about the quotes issue on my blog, but I seem to be too lazy to open up that can of worms....

Joon said...

What if I say it? Are we through also?

I've heard "It is what it is" many times. Does that annoy you?

Mei said...

arianna - I don't think I have problems with those others, so maybe it is just its connection with the Annoying Person.
Don't worry about your grammar; I don't give grades outside of school :)

joon - "It is what it is," was also said to me by the Annoying Person, but I don't mind it as much.
We have been through for ages, but you keep hanging around :)

arianna said...

Phew. :)


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