In Summary

I had my summative evaluation with the principal this morning. He said I seem to be having a good year and he marked me as advanced/exemplary/awesome on almost all my objective-thingies. (I am so good at eduspeak, right?)

Also, since I am in this reading program (the graduate courses I'm taking), he told me that after next year I will be the school's reading specialist. Well! I am putting that on a sign in front of my room.

Conclusion: I am recommended for rehire. Yay!


Dreamy said...

Is it scary to work nearly all year before knowing whether or not you will be coming back the following year??

I am so behind on stuff/life in general that if I manage to catch your blog it's a good thing.

Mei said...

Actually, I don't really worry about it. If I'd had multiple conferences with the principal, or if I'd been put on an Improvement Plan, I'd have more cause to fear my job was in jeopardy. Most teachers have a good idea about halfway through the year whether or not they'll be invited back.

I'm sorry you're running behind. Here's hoping things settle down soon!

J said...



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