Let's Talk about the Weather

Guess what the temperature was this time last week.

31 degrees.

Guess what the temperature was today.

72 degrees.

That's right, seventy-freaking-two degrees. Seventy. Two. Two-and-seventy. Three score and twelve. Nine times eight. Fahrenheit.

72 and humid, which was worse.

I sweated through my shirt before the end of first period. The school has turned the air conditioner off on account of IT IS THE MIDDLE OF WINTER.

Also, guess where it has snowed this year.

China. Iraq. Atlanta. The Gobi Desert (probably; I mean, the odds are good). The counties directly west, north, and east of us.

Guess where it has not snowed.

Randomville, U.S.A.

Fine, I'll say it. Al Gore might be on to something.

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