Back to School

Today was my first day back, and I was regretting it within the first ten minutes. Not because I had another attack of the Grumbly Guts, but because, having walked from my room to the office and then back, I was completely worn out, overheated, and ready for a nap.

I had a good report from my sub, which is nice ... and unexpected, particularly for my B day classes (I see my students every other day). My poorly-behaved speech class complained about the amount of work I gave them ("That's because, the last time I was sick, you were VERY BAD."), and I laughed at them.

"Your classes were very good," the sub wrote. "Even your fourth period [reading] class wasn't so bad." That is probably because my lesson plan said, "If you do not turn in at least two assignments, I will write you up for passive resistance and refusal to do work." And it worked!

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