Another Pair of Socks

Well, this one took me two weeks. It's not a plain stockinette sock, though, so I needed more time on account of I had to follow a pattern.

I based my pattern on Prism Socks after I saw a pair on Ravelry. I only used one yarn, though, and I added more stitches between the slipped stitches (because I am lazy like that). I used my standard 60 stitches and short-row heel.

The slipped stitches don't show up as much as I'd like when I'm wearing the socks. Here's a better picture.

The yarn is from Faery Fiber, the Minerva colorway. It's very easy to knit with, and I don't really mind the pooling. I did at first, because I wanted all the colors to show, but then I got over myself and just let the yarn do its thing. I think it worked out pretty well.

I'm wearing these socks right now, because it's chilly again, though I suspect it'll be back to the 70 degree weather around Tuesday.

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