I Work Out So You Don't Have To, Part II

Today's dvd was Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds Express (2 mile walk).

[aside: You guys, I HATE WORKING OUT SO MUCH.]

If you have to work out, and you hate it as much as I do, this dvd is perfect. It doesn't require a sense of rhythm, it doesn't require a lot of space, and it most certainly doesn't require a lot of time. Basically, you walk in place for half an hour. Sure, Leslie spices it up with side steps and knee lifts, but it's mild spice, like the least offensive jalapeno ever. At the end of the walk, I felt like I'd actually accomplished something, and I also felt as though I'd actually had a WORK OUT, which I did not feel with the Yoga Booty Ballet.

What I like:

It's short. I get bored easily, plus I just want to get it over with.
It's not mentally taxing. Even on my roughest days, I can manage to walk.
It is friendly to the rhythmically challenged.

What I don't like:

Even though this set of dvds comes with a stretchie band (I lost mine), Leslie only uses it for about five minutes during the walk. There's not a lot of upper body work; she concentrates mostly on the lower body. Sure, that's where we women have most of our problem areas, but I want something that will work the WHOLE body.

Also, Leslie talks during the WHOLE thing. I'm not saying she should be quiet for twenty minutes, but it's like she is terrified of silence. I can overlook that, probably, two days a week. But it would definitely keep me from making this an everyday workout.

I've used this set for several years. It can get boring after a few run-throughs, which is why I need to find something good to mix it up with.


Dreamy said...

you want a copy of carmen electra's aerobic striptease???

now picture ME doing it... good for a chuckle...

Anonymous said...

I just wrote up a very long reply to this post, and then Blogger ate it. Bad Blogger! Bad Blogger!

In short: You may want to try Dance Dance Revolution for your workouts. My husband and I have this and love it.

You have to get a gaming console (we use a first-gen Xbox, which you should be able to get cheap [for used] now that the 360 is out), the game itself, and the dance mat with the arrows you step on (ours was $20 and folds up when not in use). So the initial investment isn't super-low, but you may find you really enjoy it!

Mei said...

Actually, Netflix has all of Carmen Electra's videos. I just think that would be wasted on me.

I tried to talk my sister Joon into buying a DDR mat for her Wii, but she selfishly refused. I kind of think I might hurt myself on that; I am so uncoordinated!

Anonymous said...

You can't hurt yourself playing DDR. Yes, you can look like a COMPLETE IDIOT while playing DDR (and you will, I guarantee it--everyone does the first few times). But that's about it!


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