Today I got two more students in my horrible fourth period reading class. To sum up:

number of students in 4th period: 29
number of desks in the room: 26
number of students my room can comfortably accomodate: 20
number of students in my 1st period reading class: 8

How is it that I, a math-illiterate, can see that these numbers are crazy, but the freshman guidance counselor cannot?

And why have I now gotten five new students in the past two weeks?

And why are three of those football players who changed their schedules so they can play basketball?

And why are four of the five bad students?

And why is the other one coming in from alternative school?

On the plus side, one of my regular students is now going to alternative school, having received his twentieth office referral. TWENTIETH. We have only been in school for twelve weeks!

And he comes to me today, all petulant, and says, "Why do I have a zero on my progress report?"
And I say, "Because this is the first time you've been in this room for the entire quarter."
And he says, "Where've I been?"
And I say, "I don't know. In-school? Suspended? Skipping?"
And he says, "I have a doctor's note, so I can make up my work."
And I say, "Whatever you say."
And he says, "Well, I'm making it up."
And I say, "Do it then."
And then he does nothing all period but talk and disrupt until I send him to the office,
and then he says, "What'd I do?"
And I say, (to myself, this time), "HAVE FUN IN ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL, SUCKER."

(that was a poem)

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