Booking Through Thursday

I haven't kept up with this the past few weeks. Sometimes I didn't have real answers, and sometimes I was just busy. But I'll play a little catch-up today.

I would enjoy reading a meme about people’s abandoned books. The books that you start but don’t finish say as much about you as the ones you actually read, sometimes because of the books themselves or because of the circumstances that prevent you from finishing. So . . . what books have you abandoned and why?

I don't abandon many books, because I like to know what happens next. However, there were a few that were so excruciating that I just couldn't continue.

Catcher in the Rye - I tried to read this when I was in my late twenties. I think I passed my window for angsty young men with foul mouths.

Uncle Tom's Cabin - Ugh! The words got in the way of the story, which I didn't think was that great anyway. I can see how it would have inflamed abolitionists, though. I had to read this for a class, but I dropped the book after about 30 pages and bought the Cliffs Notes instead.

What with yesterday being Halloween, and all . . . do you read horror? Stories of things that go bump in the night and keep you from sleeping?

No, never. I'm afraid of everything; there's no reason to add that kind of stress. I did read Pet Sematary when I was a freshman in high school. Then we got our cat Tawnee, who looked just like the evil cat on the front of the book. One night I woke up and there she was, sitting over me with her eyes glowing. So that was my last foray into horror.

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GeraniumCat said...

I've never even tried to read Catcher in the Rye, not sure why not, but I liked one of Salinger's other books, Franny and Zooey.

Thinking of abandoned books, I was rather shocked on the train a few weeks ago when a passenger put the book she'd been reading in the trash. But the cover looked awful, so I didn't rescue it.

Chris said...

I like your cat story. Real life scares me, not stories.

Josette said...

Haha! That was a funny story with the cat! And Tawnee's a nice name.

Oh, but I liked Uncle Tom's Cabin after reading the book, or maybe when I reached the end of the book. Some of the words used weren't familiar to me at all so I had to bear with it and go on!

I'm planning to read Catcher In The Rye some time soon. Heard it's a beyond interesting story. Plus a few killers were obsessed with that book!

Melody said...

LOL. I'm still chuckling over your cat story. I have never read Catcher in the Rye though...

gautami tripathy said...

I did read Uncle Tom's Cabin and liked it very much despite the language.

Julia said...

I never read the two books that you stop reading. I guess the movies is more better to watch than reading?

As for the second BTT, oh scary about your cat. I don't read horrors either but only if it tame or mild. Now movies is another whole story LOL

Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you have a good day :)


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