As we read Guy de Maupaussant's "The Necklace," we are also studying characterization.

[aside: How much do my kids love this story? SO MUCH! I am a little bit surprised, actually; usually they don't like anything.]

Today we wrote biopoems for the three characters in the story, two as a class and one as an individual assignment. I was very impressed by their insight and their use of descriptive words. Sometimes I just get so proud I can barely breathe.

Their blog assignment is to write an auto-biopoem, because (as I told them) it's always fun to write about yourself.

Because I am too lazy to come up with a whole other topic, I'm putting my own here.

First name: April
Who is a teacher, a television addict, and all-around font of awesomeness
Who loves her cat Lulu, her TiVo, and her family (not necessarily in that order).
Who feels tired. All the time.
Who needs Raisin Bran, a book, and her electric blanket.
Who gives educational information, a smile, and a sarcastic remark.
Who fears failure, the dark, and missing an episode of The Office.
Who would like to see London, London, London.
Who is a resident of Randomville, USA.
Last name: [no]

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