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If you think this is going to be a giant discussion of medical socialization or something serious like that, let me disabuse you of that notion right now.

I went to the doctor physician's assistant today to talk about my throat and to get some migraine medicine. Having dragged myself through a half day of school, during which time every class told me I looked like I was sick (...thanks?), I know I was not at my best when I walked in the door.

The thing about living in a small town is you see people you know everywhere. So of course today I saw three RHS students (easily recognizable since we were all wearing the same shirt; it's Homecoming) and this guy who is one of my students' boyfriend but I recognize him from somewhere, I don't know why. I hate seeing students (or their boyfriends) outside of school; I don't know how to act. Do I strike up a conversation? Act like I don't know them? Acknowledge them and then ignore them? Most of the time, I pretend I'm invisible, that's what works for me.

So I talked to the doctor physicians assistant about my throat, how I get this laryngitis every year and it's worse every year and it takes forEVER to clear up. He said this is something he usually only sees with old people who are smokers. That is ... not good.

Every time I get this throat thing, I look up tonsillitis on WebMD, but I don't think I have that; I have examined my throat pretty closely, and there are no white spots on it. I think I have those nodes or nodules--or whatever they're called--on my vocal cords. I'm pretty sure they have to be removed surgically, and I'm also pretty sure that I will get the drunk surgeon who will totally screw up my larynx and then I will have to talk with one of those vibrating boxes and then my sister Joon will never talk to me again because those things freak her out.

You know me, always looking on the bright side.

Anyway, my throat burns like fire and I can't talk without squeaking, which is always pleasant, especially during lectures when I am trying to explain pronouns and antecedents.

On the other hand, maybe somebody will write a song about it.

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