Knitting for Now

I had to do SOMETHING while watching seventy episodes of Murder She Wrote this weekend.

I'm calling it the Time Out Dishcloth, since I've put the sock needles in a corner so they can think about what they've done.

It's Sugar and Cream, and I used size 6 circular needles. I wanted texture so I threw in some purl bumps at fairly regular intervals. (Sometimes they are irregular, because that was maybe the time when Jessica Fletcher was fixing to get trampled by a horse.)

You can see I didn't sew in the ends yet; that's because I'm lazy. It really only took about three episodes of MSW, because I took a lot of breaks on account of SnC is so hard on the forearm muscles.

At any rate, dishcloths are an easy knit, and the larger needles are less likely to take side trips into my arteries, so I'm happy.

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Lady S said...

Very nice. I need to pull my needles out and get to work on some more dishcloths.


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