I finished this sock last week, but I bound off too tightly and had to redo it.

Here is a sort-of Bellatrix.

I'd started out just doing my usual: a toe-up sock over 60 stitches. But when I got to the cuff I thought about how Bellatrix would work really well with the striping. So the sock is half generic/half-patterned.

The yarn is Spunky Eclectic in the Diet Coke colorway. I bought it specifically because of its name, I admit. But, you guys, I do not love this yarn. It's very splitty, and when I had to redo the sewn bind-off, it broke. Just fell right into two pieces. There's not a lot of give, and I'm not crazy about how it feels.

I like the way it LOOKS, though, so it has that going for it.

I have not started the second sock yet, though I want to eventually ... when I'm not so angry at the yarn.


Scherzando said...

Ugh, I hate when yarn just -breaks- like that. I had to frog back from my cast on with a scarf I was doing; angora yarn does not have a lot of strength, apparently.

Mei said...

Ooh, that stinks! The sock yarn is wool, so I was really surprised when it broke like that.


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