The Biggun

I got my final SP10 package today. My spoiler is Mel, and she has been an excellent Secret Pal!

I know you're looking for the goodies; try to control yourselves:

The box was stuffed full.

Two tubes of Smarties--which, by the way, are way better than the sugar-cake Smarties we have here--and a white chocolate bar.
Postcards from Liverpool (near where she lives)
A Brit Rock car air freshener

Oh, p.s.: Mel lives in England, and I believe I have described my love for that country in great detail both in real life and on this blog. You know ... once or twice. I haven't been to Liverpool, but I've only been to England twice so far, so the odds are good that I will get there ... sometime.

Finishing Techniques for Hand Knitters (which I desperately need)
Keychain Sock Blocker (with yarn and pattern for the tiny sock)

Handknit Horcrux Socks (made with Fiberspates merino)with tiny stitchmarkers attached
The name comes from Harry Potter. It's too hard to explain what one is; I'll let Wikipedia do it for me: Horcrux.
(p.s. Every TIME, the new HP book is released within a week of my birthday ... coincidence?)

Mel always includes a little something for Pukey Pukerson Lulu. This time its little jingle balls (I'm sure she'll play with them in the middle of the night) and these cute plastic utensils for her food. Oh. Well, LULU doesn't use them, I do. I mean she's smart, but she will not extend a toe to do any work, not as long as I'm around to be her slave serve her.

194 yds of 100% Merino, handspun by Mel, in beautiful colors that would be perfect for an autumn scarf or hat.

A little tin that is cute enough in its own right:

But inside:

It's a tiny sewing kit!

And finally--what? There's MORE??

this pen! This sheep has the happiest look on its face; it cracks me up. It'll be perfect for my desk, as there's a suction cup pen-holder that'll help me find it on my desk. Hopefully.

Thank you SO MUCH, Mel! You've been a great Secret Pal, and I appreciate everything you've done for me!


Dreamy said...

what an awesome package!! You got so spoiled! :) How's your summer going?

Mei said...

I did get spoiled!
My summer's going great ... it's almost over :(


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