Another Mateless Sock

Instead of finishing a pair, I just started a new sock. This is the one Lulu vomited on, by the way, when I'd done about three inches. I washed it, naturally. In acid.

The yarn is from an eBay seller. I bought it over a year ago. She's not selling on eBay anymore, so I can't give her any credit, which I totally would, because I LOVE THIS SOCK. [Edit: I was reading The Knit'Nabler, who just knit a pair of socks that, she said, came from eBay from a seller who's no longer there. But she found her on etsy! Buy this yarn!]

The texture, the fabric, the stretch, the color, the stitch definition ... I love it all. This might be my favorite sock ever. I might even knit its mate.

(this is closer to the true color)

Pattern: Toe-up over 60 stitches, short-row heel (I think I am getting the hang of it now), 1X1 rib
Yarn: Quite possible the finest yarn in the whole world, whose name and seller I unfortunately do not know
Needles: size 2 US


Dreamy said...

I am astounded at the speed you do socks. It seems to take me forever. I like the way they look and feel and have a passel of sock yarn... but never manage to knit them all that much. Speaking of-- no that huge stack of yarn doesn't have any sock yarn, but if you wanna trade something I can snap a pic of my sock yarn stash. etsy is freaking awesome-- MOST of the sellers I've done business with have been fantastic, sending you thank you letters with your shipment and everything. Some have just been cut and dried though. :) Say hi to lulu-- and I hope her tummy is feeling better. At least she doesn't eat your needles.

Mei said...

Well you notice all my socks are plain stockinette and are anklets ... :)
Also, I watch a lot of tv, and that's when I do the knitting.
Lulu doesn't eat my needles because they're all metal. Actually, she doesn't eat any of my stuff, she just licks plastic bags. She says, "Meow," to you!

Dreamy said...

lol Lucky you. Puke is nasty but apparently a rarity. Driveby has learned how to open drawers, lift lids, and bother cupboards until the open... just to get at all the fibery goodness that I have. He's a hopeless mischief maker.


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