My microwave breathed its last today, and my first thought was, literally, "How am I gonna eat?"

I don't cook. I don't like to, plus it's boring. I hate having to stay by the stove and stir things as they simmer or make sure that the boiling water stays in the pot. I can't see my tv from the kitchen; that's my chief complaint.

So now that I have freezer full of frozen dinners and no microwave with which to zap them, what do I do?

It's simple, really:

I'll just eat cereal.


Manda said...

I could eat cereal for breakfast, lunch AND dinner!! I love cereal. I hope you get a new microwave soon though.. pretty soon you'll be sick of cereal, and THEN what? :)

Linda said...

Hey, first time here. I came via Cindy's blog. I like your short and t0-the-point posts, a goal I regularly miss in my own writing! BTW, my microwave is dead, too. The worst part? No popcorn.

Lady S said...

I could totally live on cereal, but I can't imagine how anyone can live without a microwave. For example, I am sitting here after my walk with a microwaved bag on my sore leg.


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