Yeah, that's right. I have FINISHED A PROJECT.
Will wonders never cease?

This is a lace stole for my mother.

I searched high and low for the perfect pattern:
I wanted lace, but I didn't want anything fussy.
It had to be complicated enough to have a definite pattern, but not so complicated that I would make a mistake every three rows.
It had to knit quickly but not be boring.
It had to make itself into a thin wrap, almost like a stole, but still be able to be used as a scarf.


Over and over, I began to knit ... and then ripped the whole thing out. None of the patterns seemed right.

So I had to sort of make one up.

The basis for the stole is Cookie A's Monkey Socks. All I had to do was figure out the pattern as a flat knit, and then go to it.

It worked up quickly, it was just complicated enough to be challenging, and it turned out beautifully.

Pattern: [deconstructed] Monkey Socks, by Cookie A.
Needles: size 4 circular
Yarn: Kelly green fingering weight, 100% cashmere, from Jojoland
Dimensions: approximately 1' by 6'
Completion time: about six weeks

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Anonymous said...

And I love it! it's perfect!
Love, Mom


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