Just in Time for Easter

Remember how I gave my dad one sock for his birthday? Well, I finished the other one.

He modeled reluctantly, with the understanding that his face would not be shown in this picture. I think this has less to do with preserving his anonymity than it does with not showing the world his grey hair.

He is still in deep mourning over the loss of his original Random State drivers' license, which he got almost twenty years ago, and in which his hair was a deep, vibrant brunette, almost black. When he got his new one a couple months ago, he refused to show it for several days, on account of he thinks it makes him look old. He is 55, which is young enough to take fabulous trips around the world without towing the children everywhere, and old enough to get a discount on coffee at McDonalds. Also, when he reads this, he is going to accuse me of telling all his business, which I totally am.

I made up this pattern all by myself, and I am proud of that. But it is a stupid-easy pattern, which is maybe not-so-much a source of pride. Details after tha jump.

Dad's Birthday House Socks


One skein Lion Brand Wool-Ease, grey (or main color [MC])
One skein Lion Brand Wool-Ease, ... erm ... darker grey (or contrasting color [CC])
One set of four double-pointed needles, size 5
One tapestry needle
One giant jug of margarita mix
Ten episodes of Murder, She Wrote (optional)

Using CC, cast on 60 stitches, dividing evenly over three needles. Join to begin working in the round. K 4, P 1 for twelve rows to create ribbing.

On the next row (Row 13), join the MC. Knit every stitch for twenty rows.

On the next row (Row 33), join the CC. I worked a short-row heel over 30 stitches, using this pattern as a guide. Actually, I used it as a text, and I did not deviate from it AT ALL, except to stop when I'd wrapped 14 stitches instead of 16 (to accomodate the Flower Heel, which is quite massive).

After picking up all wrapped stitches, switch back to the MC and knit every stitch for 45 rows.

Join the CC and knit one row. Then work a short-row toe over thirty stitches, in the same manner as the heel (again, I only wrapped 14 stitches, to accomodate the Flower Gorilla Toes).

Graft the toe. I used the Kitchener Stitch, at which I am a master, if I do say so myself, using these directions.

Weave in all ends, throw them in the car, take them to your dad's house, and force them upon him, the end.

I don't like it when patterns say, "Knit for two inches," because I cannot measure things accurately. I like--FOR KNITTING PURPOSES ONLY--numbers ... hard, solid, no-argument numbers.

The socks are actually a quick knit, and probably did not take ten full episodes of MSW, but I am easily distracted, and I possibly had to curl my hair or cut bangs or something and that kept me from working on the socks. We've been having a run of cold weather, so at least he will get a little wear out of them before summer hits in mid-April and we all go barefoot for six months.

All in all, I am pleased with myself, perhaps moreso than usual, and that is saying a lot.

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