Remember how, when you were a kid, your mom would come in and tell you to get up, and then you would DREAM that you'd gotten up and gotten ready, and then your mom would come in and YELL at you because you were still asleep?

Today I dreamt three different times that I was awakened by the sound of an old-fashioned adding machine. If there are two things I hate, they're a) waking up and b) calculators of any kind.

So in two of those three times, my sister was sleeping on the floor beside my bed. I don't know why a) she was sleeping at my house or b) she was sleeping on the floor. But I do know that, in the dream(s), I stepped on her. Both times.

In one of the dreams, I was living in the apartment I lived in when I was ten. In New York. When I opened the (dream) door, I saw that I'd posted a pretty unflattering statement about the landlord on the front door. Given that we were living in military housing, I guess I was maybe badmouthing Uncle Sam. Which: ????

In one of the dreams, as I was opening the door to the room where the adding-machine sound was coming from, my sister tried to stop me and offered me a bat, so I could beat down that freaking thing. Only I knew (but my sister didn't) that my dad was in there working it. There's no telling if he was wearing a green plastic visor and chomping on a cigar.

In one of the dreams, I got tangled up in the covers and couldn't get free and the adding machine would NOT quit and I kept getting more frustrated and that made me get more tangled and I kept fighting and wriggling and I couldn't get loose --

and that's what woke me up for real.

So I guess the interpretation is one of the following:

1) I like stepping on my sister.
2) I like sleeping.
3) Calculators or math machines of any kind are emotionally strangling.

I'll plead the fifth on the one.

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Your Stepped on Sister Joon said...

I hate your dream very much.


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