Monday Loves, Ordinary Edition

Uh, no ... Monday will be fine. You can kill him on Monday.
--Back to the Future III

I thought today I'd just list ordinary daily things, stuff that I've used for so long that I've forgotten how much I love them.

Milk - I've been a fan of milk my entire life. Given the choice of two beverages, I'd go with milk every time. Not chocolate milk, though; it has to be plain ol' 2% white milk.

Pantene shampoo and conditioner - In spite of the whole "don't hate me because I'm beautiful" ad campaign of the 80s, I really do love Pantene. There've been times when I skimped and got the 99 cent shampoo (and regretted it) and times I splurged and got the $15 shampoo, but I always come back to Pantene. It just feels right.

Diet Coke - My drug of choice. Do NOT talk to me before I've taken my first sip; it's entirely too dangerous.

NPR - I've almost gotten to the point where I cannot listen to music in the car, so I listen to NPR when I can. I like the evening shows better than the morning ones, though.

PowerPoint - I don't even know what I would do if I couldn't use PowerPoint in my classroom. One year I didn't have it and I had to make these huge posters and resize pictures and cut things out and use glue ... it was a mess, is what I'm saying. PowerPoint makes my life--and my teaching--so much easier.

TiVo - If there were a fire in my house, I'd rescue my cat Lulu and my TiVo; that's how much I love it.

The sleep timer - I cannot go to sleep when it's quiet; that's a weird thing, I know, but it's true. So I turn on the sleep timer on my television and fall asleep to Friends or Golden Girls. With the tv on, I am out in less than 15 minutes; otherwise, I will toss and turn for a good two hours.

And those are just a few things (that I love) that have become part of my daily routine.

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