People Are Crazy

I've thought for a long time that politicians live in a different world than the rest of us, but rarely do they prove me right so well as Steve Israel, the guy who is introducing legislation to make Anne Frank an honorary U.S. citizen.

I object to this for two reasons:

1. Anne Frank never set foot in our country, let alone lived here. She lived in the Netherlands. Everybody knows that. Although I definitely think the millions of illegal immigrants (many of whom risked their lives to get here) currently living here would appreciate that you want to grant a dead girl citizenship.

2. Do people in Washington not have enough to do but that some lame-o person has to think up nonsensical legislation to give them something to do? Shouldn't they be focusing on other issues, like wars and education and budget deficits and global warming?

I cannot stand the idea that THIS is the kind of thing that MY TAXES are paying for. I personally think Steve Israel should be impeached and a monkey should be appointed in his place. Then, when the monkey introduced asinine bills, I could shrug and be like, "Yeah, well, but he's a monkey."

Also, a monkey might throw poop in the House of Representatives, and I wouldn't necessarily mind my tax dollars paying for THAT.

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