On the Bright Side

I was not at school yesterday because I had an appointment with my dentist. But I did come back to this note from my sub:

Ms. Flower,
Your 1B and 2B classes were SO GOOD! They worked all period and were super-quiet.
Your 4B class came in and got right to work. VERY MATURE CLASS!
They done you proud!
Mrs. Sub

I ... I'm not sure what to think. I wasn't aware that there had been an outbreak of pod people.


Laura said...

Heh! Pod people...Sometimes I wonder if subs just have lower standards. But then I walked in late to a class where a sub had not showed up, and they had already collected the work and were teaching each other!

Those outbreaks take you by surprise, don't they?

Mei said...

Sometimes I am surprised by how my kids will come through for me, and then I am ashamed because I was surprised. I should have more faith in them.


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