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This is from my first semester of college, when I was in my Normal People Writing Class (the first time I'd ever been turned down for the gifted class, GRR). I can't say that I learned a lot in the class; maybe I would have if I'd attended more often.

The Audition

I had practiced nonstop for nearly three weeks, and finally all my work was going to pay off. I was trying out for the position of drum major in my high school's marching band, a position I had coveted for three long years. This spot is yours. Now go in and wow them! I had practiced until my arms had no feeling, until my back felt as if it would break in two, until my throat was raw and my leg muscles cramped. But I was ready, and the adrenaline pumped through my blood as the music echoed in the all-but-empty band room. One, two, three, four. Smile, two, three, four.

I was a sophomore, and I was competing against three juniors. I had confidence in my abilities, and I felt sure that I would win the title of Drum Major. I smiled at the three judges. Yes, go on and take notes. You know I'm good. My arms swept along with a mind of their own; I had practiced so diligently that I could go through the routine without thought. The song was long. Just a little more. Keep going; you've got it. The trumpets got louder as the end got nearer. Okay, here's the end. And turn, and OFF!

After the music stopped, I gave the vocal commands. My voice rang out through the band room. Yell from the diaphragm! I knew I was the loudest of the four contestants. I marched perfectly across the floor, my shoulders back and my head held as high as I could lift it. Higher, higher, keep your back straight. Good, good. I marched out of the band room with a smile on my my face. I was sure that the next drum major would be Miss Mei Flower. I did it!

Follwing a twenty minute break, the band director called us into the band room. My friends, who had joined me in a display of support, sat next to me on the cold tile floor. "I am pleased to announce ..." Mr. Warren read off the names of the new members of the Randomville High School Flag Corps. Come on, come on. Get to the important stuff.

"I will announce the names of next year's drum majors in alphabetical order. They are Christy G-- ..." Next to me, Christy squealed. "... and our other drum major is ..." My name, my name ... "... Terry L--." What?

I walked slowly toward the new drum majors and smiled. "Congratulations, Christy, Terry." I hate you.

[Note: I got drum major the next year.]

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