Five Things

I got tagged with this one by Lady Strathconn.

Five Things about Me

1. While most little girls dreamed of becoming a ballerina, I totally dreamed of being a librarian, because I wanted to read all the books. I still want to be a librarian.

2. I don't bother memorizing phone numbers. At first it was because I had discovered the 411, and now it's because they are all in my cellphone. The memory those phone numbers would have taken up in my brain are now filled with far more important things, like how to cross stuff out, and the entire script of Willy Wonka.

3. I played the flute for almost twenty years. I would still be playing, except some jerk stole my flute out of my car. I was good, too. And the world will never know.

4. I did not eat chicken for most of my life. I don't like chicken now, unless it it's breaded. I will not eat a drumstick or wing; they are gross.
I stopped eating chicken when I was twelve, because--for some weird reason--I got it into my head that I wanted to have a pet chicken. I don't even know where that idea came from, especially when you consider that I was terrorized by a rooster on my grandparents' farm when I was five.

5. I can't go to sleep unless the television is on. I like to find a show that I don't have to SEE, like Friends or The Golden Girls, since I've seen every single episode of both at least six times. Shows like 101 Celebrity Oops! or I Love the 80s are great too. I use the timer and am usually asleep within ten minutes. If the tv isn't on, I will stay awake ALL NIGHT.

Tagging: If you want it, you've got it!


Lady S said...

Five fun things I now know about you! Thanks for following up on the tag.

I sometimes thought about being a librarian too. I don't memorize phone numbers, just because I can't.

I would love to hear about the rooster.

Shannon said...

I can't stand anything being on when I go to bed. Except the fan. Everything else annoys and distracts me, especially when my sister spends the night and LEAVES THE TELEVISION ON in MY BEDROOM!


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