Early Christmas

I've been at rehearsal the last two nights, so I haven't had time to give a huge
to my Secret Pal.

I got this package on Monday:

What you see there is some Plymouth Encore yarn, some Gems Opal sock yarn, and some Landscapes alpaca yarn. I have been knitting with some alpaca lately, and it is LOVELY. It is so soft and it knits so beautifully; it may be my new favorite fiber. There is also a pumpkin spice candle (yummm), some clover and spice hand lotion, and a handknit necklace. It's a good thing she included a picture; it would have taken me hours to figure it out by myself! (I am slow like that). There was also a bag of gummi bears, which, sadly, is now empty. I love gummi bears.

Thanks, Secret Pal! I opened the package at 10:45 p.m. (after all day at school and a four hour rehearsal) and it totally picked me up!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it!
your SP


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