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Today, around six, I was in the drive-through at Starbucks. They've changed their menu board, so I had to ask the guy, "Are you still doing the coconut frappacchino?"

"Yes, maam."

"Okay, I'll have one of those, then."

"Did you want the coffee-based or the creme-based?"

And though I calmly said, "Coffee, please," inside my head I was saying, "Um ... DUH."

Because I was just thinking, this weekend, as I was raining kisses on my coffeemaker, that I am maybe the only person in the world who actually thinks the words, "OH SWEET NECTAR OF THE GODS," like that--all in capitals--as I take my first sip.

And I was further thinking, as I was furiously sucking down my fourth cup, that I should maybe warn my friends and family thusly: (tell me if you think this is strange)

If, under any circumstances, you come across my lifeless body, you should not just assume that I'm dead. Wave some hot coffee under my nose; it might just be that I'm under-caffeinated.

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Darrell said...

You sound so much like me. I am just toast in the morning without my coffee. Tell me if I am weird... I have a coffee maker that does not have a pot, per se, but rather you just put your cup under it and it dispenses it. Well, my first cup of coffee HAS to be drawn from the well as soon as the first 2 cups are made, so that I get the EXTRA strong cup to kick start my day. Spending some time in Germany a few years ago just ruined me on American coffee. I love the extra firm stuff from Europe. I swear if my doctor told me that I had to cut out caffiene, they might as well stick a fork in me... life would be done for me.


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