At Last, Knitting

So there's been a lot of good stuff on tv lately ...

Here we have the completed pair of Owl Socks.
Yarn: Opal Rainforest Owl
Needles: US Size 1
Pattern: not, as I stated previously, k3 p1, but k2 p1, with eye-of-partridge heel flap and kitchener-grafted toe
Size: US 8, very snug and warm
Finished: September 10
Completion time: I think about a month and a half (I am lazy)
Sponsored by: um ... (it's been a while, so I'm guessing here) CSI, Psych, Ed vs. Spencer, Friends, Shaun of the Dead, Project Runway, House, History Detectives, Life on Mars, and many many viewings of Season 2 of The Office (US)

My first attempt at a dishcloth.
Yarn: Sugar and Cream
Needles US size 8
Pattern: The book's downstairs; I will get it later.
Finished: September 1
Completion time: about four hours
Sponsored by: Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte and Inspector Lynley
[HHSC? Is AWESOME. Bette Davis is great as this woman who is maybe a little insane because she might have chopped her boyfriend's head off during a party. But Olivia de Havilland ROCKS this movie as Charlotte's sympathetic--or IS she?--cousin; she is the complete opposite of Melanie Wilkes here. Seriously. Watch it!]

You can kind of tell where the movies got interesting, because ...

...oops! [Charlotte finds her boyfriend's head--or IS it?--under the floorboards. Forty years after the murder, I might add.]

And ... erm ... my bad. [Something goes wrong at the sleep clinic on Inspector Lynley.]

Currently working on:

Dublin Bay socks in Opal Rainforest Parrot.
I've modified to make them a little tighter, and to make the cuff shorter (the way I like it), but the pattern is fairly easy to follow and the yarn is knitting up spectacularly.

I've put this sock aside for now to concentrate on Sock Wars. So far I've thrown one partially-completed sock aside in disgust and frogged twice more. War is Hell, people.

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