Fingers Crossed

Though you can't tell by looking at this here blog, I HAVE been knitting lately.

I am making something that I hope to enter in our county fair. It has required me to do math, and my math skillz being what they are (this is to say, nonexistent), I have spent quite a bit of time ripping back and ripping out and just ripping ripping ripping. Also, maybe a little cussing.

It has to be completed by Thursday, so that is hopefully when I will post pictures.

Okay, but this is the best part: should I win (I don't know; I hope so, but I guess it depends on how many people enter. I don't think there are a lot of knitters in this area, but then, what do I know? There could be a million and all of them could have made something to show at the fair), first prize is ... FIVE DOLLARS.

That would totally make all my work seem worthwhile.

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