So I finally bought batteries for my camera, and here is what you've been missing.

1. A long time ago (like, three whole weeks), I got my final SP7 package from Angela. Y'all, she loaded me UP! Thanks so much, Angela!

Here's what's in there:
-An awesome pattern for a shawl (I am looking for yarn)
-Some Desert Rocks candy (eaten within the first three days)
-Honey sticks
-A little bucket (which I use for my shorter needles)
-Some eggs w/tea candles in them
-A bookmark that says Serenity (I totally need some serenity, actually)
-Gum! (which I cannot live without) (especially on Taco Salad Tuesdays, because: yikes!)
-A candy cane w/a bunny topper (candy cane: eaten soon after the Desert Rocks were gone)
-A tiny teddy bear
-A keychain nail file
-A tiny flowerpot of forget-me-nots
-A penguin bookmark (I think?)
-A memo wallet (a necessity for me, since I always forget stuff)
-The cutest tissues (not, though, too cute to use)
-A tiny pin w/a cat on it
-A bath ... I'll say fizzer (because I am brain-dead this week), shaped like a fish
-And the box it's all sitting on, which is the perfect size for all the patterns I've downloaded, in hopes that I will get past stockinette stitch some day.

2. And ... this:

It's a little rubber chicken. Cute, right? I picked it up and, for whatever reason, squeezed it, and ...


3. I made a sock.

This is my first short-row sock (that refers to how the heel and toe are knit), and I am super-proud of myself. It fits and everything.
The yarn is Strapaz, by Steinbach Wolle, and I used size 2 dpns.

4. Except--and this has nothing to do with the short rows or the yarn, and has everything to do with me and my death grip--LOOK AT THESE NEEDLES:

(The honey stick is a reference. And also, delicious!)

I guess I need to lighten up a little; knitting is supposed to be a RELAXING hobby.

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