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Things are winding down at school, to the point that I am almost in this fog of "I-don't-care," and I sort of want to pop a movie into the vcr every day. I don't, because I want to do a good job, but also because it's kind of mean to actually teach stuff during the last non-exam week of school, and that is just how I roll.

YOU GUYS! I was driving to the yarn store (it cannot be described as "local" in any way, shape, or form) and I totally saw the aftermath of a drug bust! I didn't know it at the time, but when I got home I watched the news, and the police found a METH LAB. And when I drove past three hours later, THEY WERE STILL THERE. The most amazing part (to me)is that the house where they were cooking the meth is across the street from an elementary school. Oh, but not just any school; it is the school my DAD went to! So I feel a weird connection to this drug bust, like it has happened in my neighborhood, even though I've never lived there and my dad hasn't lived there for almost fifty years. Still.

I am knitting a new pair of socks. It is still the stockinette stitch, which (for non-knitterly folks) is the easiest way to knit socks. But I have done a short-row heel (which looks like the socks you buy at the store), and it is not too shabby! I feel accomplished! We'll see how that changes when I get to the toe.

In other news, I am going to Chicago, to see my boyfriend:

Remember, if he turns up missing, I didn't have anything to do with it.

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romiustexis said...

There seems to be an egregious amount of yarn related material on your blog...(lol) but i would totally date you!!


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