Look What I Can Do!

It's a sock that I made my very own self! I like low-cuffed socks, plus I really really hate knitting cuffs on tiny needles, so I just did my own thing here.

The way this sock was knitted was starting at the cuff and moving down to the toes. Now, previously I made those little purple booties, and the way the toes were finished makes me look like I have cloven feet. That is not attractive. But the toe on this sock is finished using something called the Kitchener stitch, which I have heard many people complain about and talk about how hard it is. But, y'all, I RULE at the Kitchener stitch! It was totally easy and you might notice how I do not appear to have hooves instead of people-toes.

You may be wondering why there is only a picture of one sock. I'm not confirming or denying anything, but I might be so lazy as to actually make a half a pair of socks and call it a day.

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Emma said...

Ha! Cute socks. I know lots of people who enjoy wearing the little footies, especially in the summertime.


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