No doubt due to the stress I've faced this week, I have made a horrible discovery:


Now, look, I know that wrinkles come with age, and I am okay with that. I love that my cheeks crease when I smile (because I've always wanted dimples, and now ... I sort of have them). I don't even mind the little crinkles at the edges of my eyes; those are Happy Wrinkles.

BUT. The wrinkles between my brows are Mean Wrinkles; they are the ones that pop out when you frown too much. They are the wrinkles that belong to the Don't-Smile-Till-Christmas Teacher. You know, the one who never has discipline problems, who lectures for a full ninety minutes, and who has never, in her forty-three year career, made a real connection with a student.

I don't want Mean Wrinkles.

So I am giving myself an intervention. This calls for Desperate Measures; it's time for the ... ICE CREAM.


Waterfall said...

Heh ... This is my first year of teaching, and I've developed them too. Horrors. My scalp has also sprouted a few snow-white hairs, which I didn't expect to see for at least another decade or two.

Ice cream helps, I'm sure. Just don't try pulling the skin of your eyebrows in opposite directions. I think that makes it worse. :)

Mei said...

On the way home I was mentally going through my beauty supplies, trying to remember if I had anything for wrinkles. I don't ... yet.

And yes, the ice cream DID help.


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