Sometimes They Crack Me Up

My speech classes are learning about group discussion formats. One of these is the progressive format, in which a large group comes up with a topic, then breaks itself into smaller groups, each of which will discuss one aspect of a topic.

My example for them was this:
The supergroup topic is PIRATES.
Then, the supergroup is broken up, and Group 1 discusses treasure, Group 2 discusses pillaging, Group 3 discusses location, etc.

So I notice that two kids are talking to each other, not listening to what I'm saying. "What in the WORLD is so important that you have to talk RIGHT NOW?" I ask.

"Random Student 1 just told me something about pirates. Can I say it?" Random Student 2 asks.

"Will it add to this topic?" I ask.

"Yes," RM2 says emphatically.

"Go ahead," I say, sure that this can't be any good.

"RM1 saw a pirate movie the other day.
It was rated Arrrrrgh."

I don't know if it was in the telling, or how unexpected it was, or the fact that it did--sort of--fit the discussion, but I almost fell over laughing, so of course all of my kids started laughing as well.

I love it when they say something clever.

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